Getting Started

Here are some steps we highly recommend to get your store up and running.

To add a product:

  1. Go to Catalog.

  2. Select Products.

  3. Select the Add Product tab.

  4. Fill out the Product Name and SKU fields.

You can add add and remove products by heading over to the Products section of the plugin. Make sure you go through each of the steps for adding a product as they are all required in order for your product to available for purchase in your catalog!

Add a Payment Processor

To accept credit card payments, you will need to add a payment processor for your store transactions.

Adding a payment processor is easy! You can add your payment processor by heading over to the Payments section of the plugin.

Setup Your Store's Shipping Method(s)

Add shipping rates or connect to Shippo for Live Rates.

If you don't add a shipping method, your store will default shipping to free. You can change this via the Shipping section of the plugin. If you would like to sign up with Shippo for live rates, use the link below.

Setup Store Emails

Setup SMTP for your store emails.

Customize Your Store's Communication Emails.

SMTP is not required for your store however your emails will be sent by the store administrator's email (the email that was used for the store sign up) by default. You can customize emails sent by your store such as the checkout email, registration email and more by heading over to the Emails section of the plugin. You do not need to customize these emails but until you do they will be branded with VendorFuel logos and information.

Set State Tax Rates

You can select the states that you will be collecting taxes in via the Taxes section of the plugin. We recommend using Avalara to make generating taxes easier.

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