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Price Sheets

  • To view or search your current price sheets, select the Search Price Sheets tab.
  • To add a price sheet, select the Add Price Sheet tab.
  • To upload a price sheet with prices for products, select the Upload Sheet(s) tab.
  • To review any batch processes related to price sheets, select the Batches tab.
Search Price Sheets
Add Price Sheet
Upload Sheet(s)

Upload Prices for a Price Sheet

  1. 1.
    To upload prices for a price sheet, first select the price sheet by clicking the Browse button next to Price Sheet.
  2. 2.
    Next, download the following spreadsheet template:
Price Sheet Upload Template
  • In the spreadsheet, add the following fields:
    • SKU (must match the SKU of a product in your catalog)
    • Price (number only, no currency symbols or commas)
  • Remove the header from the CSV prior to saving and uploading.
  • Next, upload the CSV file by clicking the Browse button next to File.
  • A preview of the CSV data will then appear.
  • Click Upload Pricesheet. You will then see a new tab appear showing the batch process.
  • Click Confirm Batch. You will then see the Batches tab showing the status and progress of the batch process. If you click to another tab and return, you will usually see the batch process completed.
On the Batches tab you can see which batch processes are pending, confirmed and completed.