Catalog settings

Enabled filters


Enable recyclable options

Adds a 'Only recycled' filter on the catalog page, which allows users to filter only items with Post Consumer Recycled Content.

Enable AbilityOne

Enables the AbilityOne filter on the catalog pages.

Enable Core List

Enables the Core List filter on the catalog pages.

Enable GSA

Enables the GSA filter on the catalog pages.

Disable facet filters

Check this to disable facets such as brands, manufacturers and attributes from appearing as filters on the catalog.

Exclude sold out items by default

Enable this to exclude sold-out items by default on inventory controlled catalogs. If unchecked, users can still exclude sold-out items from the catalog if inventory control is enabled.



Show subcategory cards on catalog pages

Limit of subcategory cards to show

If empty or set to 0, all of the subcategories will be shown.

Product detail options


Related products title

The title for the related products on the product detail page. Defaults to 'Related products'.

Show related products above specifications

Enabling this will display any related products above the products specifications on the product detail page. Leave this unchecked if you want to display related products underneath specifications.

Cart options


Show free shipping minimum spend

Enable to show the free shipping minimum spend requirement in the cart menu and cart page. This can be used to encourage customers to spend more to qualify for free shipping, if available.

Checkout options

Additional checkout fields

The following fields can be enabled to be shown on the checkout page, along with being required:

  • Company/Organization

  • Purchase order number

  • Issuing office

  • Cost center code

  • Attention

  • Notes

QuickBooks users: Purchase Order Number will not appear on QuickBooks bills or invoices unless defined as custom fields in QuickBooks and applied to all QuickBooks documents in the QuickBooks admin dashboard.

Registration options


Require address

Require address during registration of new users.

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