Punchout configuration checklist

How to go from a new store to punchout-ready store.

Setting up punchout requires a number of steps to go from a new store to accepting punchout orders:

  1. First, request punchout credentials from your supplier. This info should include URLs, identity names and shared secret codes for both a "View" and "Ordering" account.

  2. After receiving credentials, you will want to create the following in VendorFuel:

    1. Punchout Supplier, using the provided "View" account credentials.

    2. Purchasing Documents Profile, using the provided "Ordering" account credentials.

    3. Vendor, usually using the supplier's name.

    4. Cost sheet, using the previously created Supplier, Document Profile and Vendor.

  3. Once the punchout configuration is finished, you can create Customers or Customer Groups that are attached to the Punchout Supplier. This will allow any customer to punchout to that supplier, add items to their cart, and then return with those added items.

  4. Next, you may want to configure a Payment gateway to accept credit cards. VendorFuel integrates with PayFabric for credit card transactions.

  5. After this, you should test the configuration by signing in as a punchout customer, punch out to the supplier catalog, add items to your cart, and then proceed to the checkout process.

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