Store settings for the VendorFuel plugin.



Store Name

Your store name.

Store URL

Your URL.

Inventory System

Enables inventory system.

Default value: off

Admin Two Factor Authentication

Enables two-factor authentication for VendorFuel admins.

Default value: off

Verify Users

Requires a VendorFuel admin to verify registered users before they can do anything.

Default value: off

Disable Guests

Prevents guests from proceeding through checkout. Requires that they register an account.

Default value: off

Disable RMA

Disables Return Merchandise Authorization process.

Default value: off

Disable Billing Address

Prevents users from setting up a separate billing address during checkout.

Default value: off

Force Role

Feature for medical dispensaries.

Default value: off

Credit Line Default On

Enables a line of credit for customers during registration.

Default value: off

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