Add Collection

Create a new collection.
Click on the Add Collection tab to create a new collection.

Collection Name

  • Type in the name of you new collection.


  • Click on the browse button to add an image or icon to your collection. VendorFuel uses the WordPress Media Library to add images. You can drag and drop an image which will upload it to the media library or you can search existing images by clicking on the Media Library tab.
Select or Upload an Image to the WordPress Media Library

Add Products

  • Click on the Add Products button or Click Here to add products to your collection.
  • This will pop up the products modal. Here you can search for products by keyword, part number, or name and Add products to the collection.
  • Add: Click on the items you want to add on the Add tab. They will highlight in green. You can highlight as many as you want and on different pages. Switching to a different page or searching an item does not lose your current selections. They will only disappear if you hit cancel or navigate away from the modal before you hit confirm.
  • Click on the Confirm button to save your changes.

Add Collection

  • Click on Add Collection to create/save your new collection.