Sync Products to WP Posts or Generate missing Slugs for Active Products (Both functions are used in SEO or Search Engine Optimization).

From the Catalog > Products > Utilities tab you can:

Sync Products to WP Posts

This will synchronize your Products with posts in VF Product Pages. Any duplicate posts will be removed, and any old posts will be refreshed.

Generate Missing Slugs for Active Products

This will generate SEO-friendly slugs for products that don't have slugs. Any existing slugs will not be replaced.

CSV Inventory Upload

  1. To update the inventory for your products, download the following spreadsheet template.

  • In the spreadsheet, add the following fields:

    • SKU (must match the SKU of a product in your catalog)

    • Price (number only, no currency symbols or commas)

  • Next, upload the CSV file by clicking the Browse button next to File. A preview of the CSV data will then appear.

  • Click the Upload Inventory button.

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