VendorFuel plugin settings
The Settings page is arranged into five tabs:
  • Plugin
  • Store
  • Options
  • Analytics
  • Page Mapping


Store Name
Your store name.
Store URL
Your URL.
Inventory System
Enables inventory system.
Default value: off
Admin Two Factor Authentication
Enables two-factor authentication for VendorFuel admins.
Default value: off
Load Menu Nav Template
Loads the VendorFuel menu-nav template in the header of your theme.
Default value: on
Load Footer Template
Loads the VendorFuel footer template in the footer of your theme.
Default value: on
Verify Users
Requires a VendorFuel admin to verify registered users before they can do anything.
Default value: off
Disable Guests
Prevents guests from proceeding through checkout. Requires that they register an account.
Default value: off
Disable RMA
Disables Return Merchandise Authorization process.
Default value: off
Disable Billing Address
Prevents users from setting up a separate billing address during checkout.
Default value: off
Force Role
Feature for medical dispensaries.
Default value: off
Credit Line Default On
Enables a line of credit for customers during registration.
Default value: off

Additional Checkout Template Options

When the following fields are checked, they will be required during the checkout process:
  • Company Name
  • Purchase Order Number
  • Issuing Office
  • Cost Center
  • Attention
  • Notes



Enable Universal Analytics
Enables Google Analytics tracking of VendorFuel e-commerce interactions.
Universal Analytics ID
Your Google Analytics UA ID.
Enables tracking of Google Ads (AdWords) campaigns.
AdWords ID
Google Ads (AdWords) ID.


Phone Lead
Enables tracking of leads when users click any link to a phone number.
Phone #
The phone number you want to track calls to. Make sure to enter the exact digits that appear on your website.
Phone # Tag
Google Ads tag.
Enables tracking of purchases.
Purchase Tag
Google Ads tag.