Flat rates

Shipping flat rates

Flat rates have the following fields:



For internal purposes only.


This is what will appear on the checkout page.


Cost of the flat rate.

Enable free shipping for minimum order amount

If enabled, this rate's cost will be free if the order reaches the Minimum order amount for free shipping.

Minimum order amount for free shipping

The minimum order amount to qualify for free shipping.


Special conditions for adjusting the rate amount if the order is within a certain price range.


If enabled, this flat rate will be visible on the checkout page.


Customers who can use this rate.


Customer groups that can use this rate. Any customers belonging to this group can use this rate.

Price sheets

Price sheets assigned to this rate. Any customer groups or customers with this price sheet can use this rate.

Restricted items

Products that can not have this rate applied.

If Show free shipping minimum spend is enabled in Settings, the cart menu and cart page will show the customer how much more to spend to qualify for free shipping.

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