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Installing the VendorFuel theme

How to install the VendorFuel theme for WordPress.
To install the VendorFuel theme to your WordPress site,
  • Log into WordPress.
  • Select Appearance > Themes from the side menu. This will take you to the Themes page.
The Themes page of the WordPress Dashboard.
  • From the Themes page, click the Add New button. This will take you to the Add Themes page, where you should see thumbnails of multiple WordPress themes available for download.
  • Type "VendorFuel" in the search field on the right. You should then only see one thumbnail for the VendorFuel theme.
The VendorFuel theme on the Add Themes page.
  • Hover over the thumbnail for the VendorFuel theme and click the Install button. This will install your theme to your WordPress site, although it won't activate it yet. You can have multiple themes installed but only one activated.
Once the VendorFuel theme is installed, it can be activated.
  • Once the theme is installed, click the Activate button to set it as the theme for your WordPress site.
  • After activating the VendorFuel theme, you will see the Themes page again with a notice saying the new theme has been activated.
    • If you haven't installed the VendorFuel plugin, you'll see a notice recommending to install the plugin.
The Themes page after installing and activating the VendorFuel plugin.